Hey,  this is Michela, Italian travel blogger based in Tokyo.

I started my travel blog, WarmCheapTrips, in 2015 in Italian and in 2018 I started with the English version too.
I aim to inspire everyone to travel, reporting my travels, providing useful information and over all explaining how travel is an experience that everyone can and must yield: you can travel on a budget without sacrificing comfort.
Make happy trips, without spending a fortune, that’s why I choose the name Warm Cheap Trips;)

I was born and raised in the splendid Franciacorta, an area of ​​Italy famous for its excellent wines, and three years ago I decided to live my life in Japan, a country that I love for its history and its culture.
Before moving to Japan, I visited this country 4 times, to explore its beauty and to understand its essence before the big step.

My passion for travel starts in childhood when at elementary school I spent hours scanning the geopolitical map of Italy and playing with postcards from all over the world that my mum uses to collect.
I don’t love just to travel, but I love everything related to travel, from geography to the culture of the various peoples of the world, I love reading the stories of travelers and knowing the stories of the people I meet.

Especially about the historical aspects, Roberto, who has been my partner in adventures for quite a while and important support in moving to Japan, is the true history-buff who has taught me to always appreciate and deepen the history of the places visited, in order to better understand them. On the blog, you will also find itineraries and historical insights written by him or with his important contribution.

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