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Hello! This is Michela, born in 1989 and raised in Italy, in in the beautiful Franciacorta wine area. In 2017 I decide to leave everything to move to Tokyo, where I currently work in tourism industry. WarmCheapTrips is my travel blog, opened in 2015, with the desire to inspire everyone to travel, sharing useful information and practical tips to optimize the travel for those who, like me, always have too little money and too few vacations, but do not want to give up discovering the world.

Make enjoyable trips without spending a fortune, that’s why the name Warm Cheap Trips 😉

You can travel on the cheap without sacrificing comfort, and perhaps use the money saved to participate in alternative and cultural experiences to deepen your experience of the places you visit. WarmCheapTrips is a DIY travel guide, but also a blog about off beaten paths, especially in Japan with a focus on historical itineraries, unique experiences and unusual places, to promote slower and more sustainable tourism.


Before moving to Japan, I visited this country 4 times, both to explore its beauty and to grasp its essence before the big step.

My passion for travel has been with me since childhood, when I used to spend hours in elementary school looking at the geopolitical map of Italy and playing with postcards from all over the world, collected by my mom.

I love not only traveling, but I love everything about travel, from geography to the culture of the various peoples of the world, I love reading travelers’ stories and learning about the stories of the people I meet around the world. And from my love of travel planning, I create my consulting and itinerary creation service, offered only for travel in Japan, that has been choosen by over 40 clients in the first year.



Years of blogging.


Japanese destinations visited.



Travel articles written.



Usually my travels are organized by me, but I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with Tourism Boards and travel-related businesses to promote activities and destinations (when this happens, it is indicated for transparency to the reader), both in Italy and Japan.

I have had the pleasure of working with italian TV program TG1-Rai, being interviewed by radio stations and newspapers, quoted by online media, and created content for other digital entities, here are some examples of bigger project I was involved in:


Sumida Ambassador - 2023

I was chosen as Sumida Ambassador 2023 to promote the Sumida district (Tokyo) by participating in 3 tours and creating promotional content.

Promotion of two accommodations on Sado Island through social content also aimed at promoting the destination itself.

Joined the official touristic promotional videos of Gunma Prefecture and joined the media tour to promote Ikaho Onsen.

I wrote the italian version of ideas for a first trip to Japan for JNTO, the Japan Tourism Board

During the Tokyo Olympics, I worked with Marco Clementi, a journalist of the national italian television RAI, helping, guiding and supporting him in collecting testimonies and stories for TG1 reports.

I took part in 3 events related to the promotion of Lake Garda, Lake Idro and Valtellina of the official tourism promotion project of the Lombardy Region.

Was written 2 articles about me on a local newspaper and radio interviews for the local radio Vivi Franciacorta and national radio Rtl 102.5


To receive my updated mediakit and my portfolio, send an email to warmcheaptrips@gmail.com

You can contact me at the same email address also for travel information or drop me a message on my social media

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