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Michela Figliola

Japan Tokyo

Tokyo Areas: around Tokyo Tower

Italian Version Here Have you ever heard about Wabi-Sabi? That positive feeling with a note of nostalgia, the transience of things and its acceptance, a beauty a bit decadent… For me, the Tokyo Tower, the tower symbol of Tokyo, now surrounded by skyscrapers that overlook it, is the perfect description…

Italy Sardinia

Itinerary in North Sardinia

Italian Version Here White beaches, crystal clear water, sunny days, constant wind and a typical vegetation, this is Sardinia. I have been in Sardinia twice, both times on the northern coast, the most famous and known.¬†Luckily, I visited this area both times in June, when there are still few tourists…

Japan Kanto Tokyo

Bar Hopping Tour in Tokyo

Italian Version Here Tokyo is a vibrant city, full of life and energy, thousands of people who simultaneously cross roads, intersections and stations, almost without touching despite the small spaces. It’s a city to explore, slipping into the alleys, down the stairs of the basement, climbing floors in the elevator….…

Japan Kyushu

Kumamoto what to visit

Italian version Here Kumamoto was not a very famous city before April 2016, when it became sadly famous for the strong earthquake that caused many victims, damage and the disastrous ruin of Kumamoto Castle, one of the most beautiful and largest in Japan. This terrible misfortune, however, was in a…