10 Best Instagram Spots in Taiwan

If you are looking to a photogenic destination for your next trip, Taiwan is a country for you. Full of color and uniqueness, natural beauties, a mix of ancient Chinese architecture and modernity, paper lanterns, and so one, make Taiwan a great spot for shoot amazing Instagram photos!
In Taiwan is not difficult to find bizarre temples of bright colors, and take unique shots perfect for all instagram-addicted, so here we go with a list of the best Instagram spot in Taiwan to not to miss.

My trip to Taiwan only lasted a week and alas I was unable to visit all the Instagram spots on my list, but since I plan to go back again, I will use this list of best Instagram spot in Taiwan as well!

Loutus Pond, Kaohsiung

I don’t think there is a more kitschy place in the world than Kaohsiung’s Lotus Pond. An artificial lake surrounded by colorful and exaggerated temples, definitely one of the best Instagram spots in Taiwan, where you will take lots of absurd photographs. Of course, it is a place created specifically for tourism, a funfair of temples, an Insta-photographer’s paradise, a mix of sacred and profane.
The two famous pagodas of the Dragon & Tiger Pagodas, but also the Spring and Autumn Pavillon with another teal dragon and the absolutely instagrammable statue of the Zuoying Yuandi Temple…be sure to not miss this spot.

Rainbow Church, Cijin Island (Kaohsiung)

Cijin Island is an islet that can be reached in 15 minutes by ferry from the port of Kaohsiung, and is another destination considered one of the best Instagram spots in Taiwan especially its Rainbow Church. Designed with the idea of the horizon between the land and the sea, it is a land art installation in the colors of the rainbow, symbolizing a rainbow on the coast after the rain.
It is also a photo-set for weddings and in the afternoon access is forbidden to the public because it is usually used for this purpose.
When I was there, I don’t know for what reason, it was surrounded by the yellow-tape prohibiting access without further explanation (but probably some anti-covid precautions were involved), so alas, I couldn’t photograph it properly.


Anping Tree House, Tainan

The Anping Tree House is a former warehouse of the trading company Tait & Co, abandoned since 1911 and now literally incorporated by a banyan tree, a particularly invasive Asian tree whose roots also grow from the branches and descend to the ground very quickly, making it impossible to distinguish the original trunk.
In fact, in just over 100 years this banyan has completely invaded the warehouse, giving a surreal and evocative setting, definitely one of the best Instagram spots in Taiwan where you can’t miss the opportunity to be a modern Tarzan!


Elephant Mountain, Taipei

Unfortunately for this location, you will have to trudge up the stairs climbing the Elephant Mountain, but this is definitely the best place to take photos of Taipei 101, the most famous skyscraper in Taipei. In addition to the classic viewpoint, there are several rocks where you can get on (don’t worry, it’s not a dangerous thing!) where you can take a great photo with you and the Taipei 101 in the background, playing with perspective for a worthy Instagram photo.
Elephant Mountain is always quite crowded, so I recommend you to be patient (and bring plenty of water for the climb!).

Ciyou Temple, Taipei

Right in front of the entrance to the Rahoe Night Market is the one I personally consider the most instagrammable temple in Taipei: the Ciyou Temple.
This isn’t a particularly famous or big temple, but its high, colorful and richly decorated roof makes it extremely photogenic. If you add the colored lanterns and evening lighting (which is probably the time when you will visit it by going to the Rahoe Night Market) then, you can get a wonderful Instagram photo.

A-Mei Tea House, Jiufen

Jiufen, a town in the middle of the mountains that developed around a former gold mine, it’s said to be the place that inspired Miyazaki for Spirited Away. Its narrow streets dotted with paper lanterns are extremely photogenic, but the best Instagram spot is surely the A-Mei Tea House, with its wall of windows and lanterns that truly looks like a painting, too beautiful to be real. Surely in the evening with the lanterns lit the atmosphere is surreal, but even during the daytime, you can take fantastic photos.

Grand Hotel Taipei

Unfortunately, I discovered the scenic beauty of the Grand Hotel Taipei only AFTER my trip, and therefore I didn’t go there to take pictures of this huge Chinese-style building, built over 21 years by a non-profit organization to host ambassadors and personalities important visiting Taipei.
Its vermilion “grid” is an incredible background for super instagrammable photos and the interiors are definitely worth a visit too.

Yinhe Cave, Taipei

I would have loved to do this hiking near the Maokong area and the tea field, but unfortunately, having only a few hours to visit the area, I have to give up. Yihe Cave is a small cave temple in the mountain wall near a waterfall. An atmosphere from the world of the elves of the Lord of the Rings, with a small balcony to look out on for an incredible photo for Instagram.
Consider that the trek takes about 3 hours and comfortable footwear is required, as the route is along a path surrounded by nature.


Sanfeng Temple, Kaohsiung

Sanfeng Temple will allow you to take a great photo from the second floor, with a sea of paper lanterns connecting to the central pagoda! Definitely another unmissable Instagram spot and a photo that I really dreamed of doing… but I FORGOT about it! Well yes, after seeing this photo on Instagram and Pinterest and having saved it everywhere, I forgot to include it in my travel program (I always organize the roadmap with the itinerary scheme… I promise that I will share my organization system with you in a dedicated post). And so, I came back from Taiwan without the photo of the Sanfeng Temple… try not to make the same mistake!

Rainbow Village, Taichung

Having only done a week in Taiwan, I couldn’t include Taichung in my itinerary, but I can’t help but mention this former military village converted into a colorful street art district. Not only the houses are covered in color and designs, but the floors too! You’ll enter into a surreal and colorful world, how can you resist taking dozens of photos?


And while waiting for the next trip to Taiwan to hit all the best Instagram spots, I invite you to also follow the WarmCheapTrips Instagram profile!

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