Day Trips from Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a really nice capital, extremely liveable that can be easily visited in a couple of days, perhaps following the itinerary to visit Copenhagen in two days that I did. If you have a few more days, however, there are several day trips you could do from Copenhagen, including a trip to Malmo, Sweden, across the Oresund Bridge (which unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to do myself). But even without changing country or going too far, there are several interesting things to see around Copenhagen, for example, I have chosen to visit the Klampenborg area and the town of Hillerod where Frederiksborg castle is located.

Bakken and Klampenborg area

If you are planning a trip to Copenhagen, you have surely heard of Tivoli, the amusement park in the city center. But actually THE Copenhagen’s amusement park is Bakken, the oldest in Europe (according to some even of the world), located in the Klampenborg area in northern Copenhagen.

Admission to the Bakken is free, you pay for individual rides on the attractions; some are really very fun and even a little adrenaline-pumping (although they are not the classic roller coaster with looping loops and breathtaking descents), you should try the “Tornado”!!
It is also wonderful to stroll through the amusement park among the many cafes and restaurants, each with its own particular set-up… from the London double-decker bus to the Italian trattoria, to the churros kiosks.
To relax after the hustle and bustle of the amusement park you can stroll around the large park, maybe you will be lucky enough to spot deers. The ideal would be to visit the park by bike, but you will have to rent it in the city and load it on the train (don’t worry, there are special spaces for transporting bikes) because there are no rentals near the park.

You can complete the day with a walk along Bellevue beach, a place much loved by the inhabitants of Copenhagen, who come here from the first beautiful days of spring to have a picnic and relax.
There is a grassy part, ideal for picnics and then the sandy beach begins up to a truly clear and clean sea, despite Copenhagen being an important port city.
This beach is also very convenient because there are free changing rooms and bathrooms, which should not be underestimated if you decide to spend the whole day on the beach!

Klampenborg is located in the north a short distance from the center of Copenhagen and you can get there by taking the C line train from Norreport station towards Klampenborg and getting off at the terminus.
Upon exiting the station, you can choose to turn right towards Bellevue Beach or left towards Dyerhaven, the Deer Park.

Hillerod and Frederiskborg Castle

A 20-minute walk from the station through the pretty village of Hillerod will take you to Frederiksborg Castle, the first royal residence built in 1560, but destroyed by fire in 1859.
Fortunately, Jacobsen, the director of Carlsberg, financed its restoration and turned it into a museum about the history of Denmark.
Admission costs 90 DKK and you can request a free audio guide. The audio guide explanation lasts about 45 minutes, so consider about 1 hour / 1 hour and a half for the visit if you want to linger more in some room.
In front of Frederiksborg Castle is the Baroque garden, with a very suggestive and well-kept glance. However, the garden is not very large and in a quarter of an hour you will have visited it all.

Hillerod is about 40 minutes by train, Line A from Norreport, arriving at the terminus of the same name.

Other Day Trips from Copenhagen

There are also many other excursions that you can do from Copenhagen that I would like to list for the sake of completeness of information, but I have not yet visit in person.

Roskilde and the Viking ships

If you love history and Vikings, you absolutely cannot miss visiting Roskilde. It was at the top of my wishlist, but when traveling with other people, sometimes you have to compromise right? Surely if I have the opportunity to return to Copenhagen, I will choose to do this day trip.

Helsingør and Hamlet Castle (Kronborg)

If among the reasons to visit Verona there is also the fact that Romeo and Juliet is set there, among the various reasons to visit Kronborg there is the fact that Hamlet is set there! In short, if you can’t resist the fashino of Shakespeare’s tales, I recommend you take this day trip from Copenhagen!

Odense and the Andersen House

Remaining on the writers theme, let’s talk about the hometown of the writer of The Little Mermaid, symbol of the city of Copenhagen. This excursion is a little further from Copenhagen and takes about an hour and a half by train.
In addition to Handersen’s house, now a museum, Odensen is also one of the earliest Viking settlements, and as you can guess its name derives from Odin, the Norse god of war.

Malmö & crossing the Oresund Bridge

The famous and avant-garde Oresund bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden by diving into an underwater tunnel, allows us to make one of the most famous excursions in Copenhagen: a day visit to Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. A modern city full of architecture and things to visit that might worth the excursion.

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