Eat Japanese beef in Tokyo: Ryotei Manpuku

The fine Japanese beef, also called Wagyu, is something that you absolutely must try while travelling in Japan. Of course, the cost is a little expensive, but believe me, feel the fat of this very soft meat literally melt away on the palate, absolutely worth. Among wagyu beef, the most famous is certainly the Kobe Beef, which I highly recommend to try if you plan to stop in the city, but you can also find other delicious wagyu from other prefecture.

The wagyu can be eaten cooked in different ways, from the classic steak to the blood burger version, obivusly cheaper. But one of the best ways to eat excellent Japanese beef, enjoying a classic experience, is yakiniku, basically bbq: grilled by yourself on the grill at the cente rof the table.

I was invited to eat Kobe beef Yakiniku at Ryotei Manpuku in Roppongi, and I must say that I was really satisfied not only for the quality of the products, but also for the kindness of the staff, willing to demonstrate how to grill the precious slices of meat.

The environment is very refined, you take off your shoes and sit on the tatami, but don’t worry if you are not used to sitting at japanese style: under the table there is space for your legs! The soft lights help to create the atmosphere and together with the wooden details you can really breathe a sophisticated air.

If you have no knowledge of the world of wagyu, the best way is to order a set course, thus having the opportunity to taste different variations and cuts of wagyu, thus solving the problem of choice!
Including in the course there is always also the special dish of Ryotei Manpuku: beef slices seasoned with a special negi sauce (a kind of Japanese onion) and traditional spices.
For the more courageous then, the Omakase menu also includes beef sushi: one classic nigiri and a gunkan roll enriched with salmon eggs… for me, a must try!

The quality of the meat is truly sublime and this is also one of the reasons for the success of Ryotei Manpuku which for 70 years has been synonymous with quality Yakiniku and now, in addition to the 5 offices in Tokyo, it has expanded its presence with offices in Myamar and in the States United, thus spreading the excellence of the “Japanese bbq”.

Ryotei Manpuku is located in the Roppongi Hills complex, in the basement on the Mori Garden side. If you are not familiar with the area, maybe is not too easy to find, but asking the kind staff of the information point, you will be able to find it without too much effort and surely you will not regret the experience!

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