5 Instagramable Spot in Tokyo

Tokyo is photogenic. You can shoot billions of photographs, capture an infinity of moments and lives, takes memories and emotions. Tokyo fills us with memories that can easily be imprinted in a shot to keep and maybe print. But with the advent of the new social and Instagram the way and the details to be photographed have changed. It is no coincidence that the word “instagramable“, or “instabaito” to say in Japanese, has become part of everyday language. Today I want to show you the 5 most instagramable spot in Tokyo, where you can take pictures for instagram details, different from the classic postcards, iconic and beautiful images, but now seen in many versions.

Instagramable Spot in Tokyo

The 5 istagrammable spot inTokyo that I recommend you have particular details, not so classic corners that gives you the chance to take unusual images, games of mirrors and colors. The subject will be the same, but the result will change according to your style and time, giving always different results. So are your smartphones ready?

Omoide Yokocho – Shinjuku

Whenever I go to Shinjuku, I always do a quick ride to Omoide Yokocho . This narrow lane, in the west side of tracks, fulfilled by the fumes of the tiny shops of ramen and yakitori, always full of salary man, has a special charm. Here you can indulge yourself with shots: from the details of hanging lanterns, to the quick gestures of restaurateurs and customers, up to the overall view of the small street, in absolute my favorite shoot. The decorations of the alleyway change according to the season, making the place even more instagramabtimle and different in every time of the year. My favorite? With warm autumn colors, perfectly matched with lanterns and signs.

Sumitomo Building – Shinjuku

We remain in the Shinjuku area, not far from the Tokyo Metropolitan Building and its free observatory on the 45th Floor (which also offers beautiful shots, even Mount Fuji during the clear days). The Sumitomo Building is a particular building due to its three-sided shape and is also known to have been destroyed by Godzilla in the 1984 film. Its shape makes it interesting, but for the true perfect photo for instagram you will enter it and reach the middle of the atrium on the ground floor: raise your head and … click! The external triangular shape is repeated also inside, together with lights and weaves that make the Sumitomo Building unmissable in the list of the most instagramable places in Tokyo.

The Soho – Odaiba

This building is a real design work: offices, lofts and co-working complex, complete with facilities such as a fitness room, spa and rooftop with an ocean view. Access to these services is obviously restricted access, but the interesting area is the colored doors of the inner courtyard. To shoot perfect pictures for instagram, the ideal is to go upstairs, hoping to find an open entrance door, which I still have not had the good fortune to have. These slew of colored doors soon became viral on instagram and I think it will soon be easier to find the open entrance to get on the outside balconies … I’ll try again soon!


Tokyu Plaza – Harajuku

The mirrors entrance of this shopping center, is one of the most instagramed corners of all Tokyo, thanks to its central tourist location, between Harajuku and Omotesando, right on one of the busiest intersections in this area. Two escalators that rise in the middle of a “mirror mouth”, in a kaleidoscope of colors and movements. With the rain, the sun, the lights of the night …. enjoy playing with kaleidoscopic reflections, better if in the center, after the first escalator!



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Nezu Jinja (Nezu) and Hie Jinja (Akasaka)

These two temples, in two different areas of the city, are united by the presence of many red torii doors, like the much more famous Fushimi Inari Taisha of Kyoto. The red torii of Nezu Jinja, which stood on the small hill are also perfect for panoramic photos, perhaps surrounded by the azaleas of April. The Hie Jinja instead, with its stairway, is extremely suggestive especially at sunset, when the twilight seems to give it a magical atmosphere and you will seem to see a fox, the messenger of Kami Inari to whom these temples are dedicated, anytime.


And not forget about the classics…

Then, of course, among the photos of Tokyo, you cannot miss the shots of the great classics, but these places are so iconic that you certainly do not need my help to find them!

Among the others, however, I can’t forget the Shibuya Crossing and the view from the upper bridge between the JR station and Keio station. Alternatively, grab a Starbucks drink and hope to find a seat at the window looking out over the intersection.
And the Sensoji of Asakusa and its huge lanterns. The crowd is unfortunately always exaggerated, if you are looking for the perfect shot, go early in the morning or folded on night shots, really beautiful, especially after the rainy days, with reflections in the puddles!
Then the beautiful Tokyo Station and its brick wall. For a splendid view also on the shinkansen’s track, go up to the observatory on the sixth floor of the Kitte, the shopping center near the East exit of the station.
Or the Zojoji Temple with the Tokyo Tower in the background and the many statues of Jizo with their red berets.
But also the neon lights of Shinjuku, the Rainbow Bridge of Odaiba, the beautiful gardens of Tokyo with the contrasting skyscrapers …. in short, you are spoiled for choice, so charge the batteries and go to the discovery!

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