Japan Travel Design

A Taylor-made Itinerary for your Trip to Japan

Creating Customized Itinerary in Japan

Are you planning your first trip to Japan an you have no idea on what you should visit and where you should stay? Have you already beem to Japan but you’re looking to explore something different and far from the most touristic routes?

You’d like to experience a particular season or event in Japan or you want an itinerary based on a specific interest?

If the answer is yes to one of those questions, you’re in the right place!
I can help you and create a taylor-made itinerary to make your trip to Japan unique and unforgettable!

Why choose me?

4 entirely self-organized trips to Japan made before I moved there.

Countless weekends discovering lesser-known places in Japan also organized by me and various business trips whereby I had the opportunity to get to know places and realities that I would not have otherwise encountered.

I work in the tourism industry and am really involved in developing itineraries and experiences for our clients.

My main goal is to make you experience your trip to Japan to the fullest, letting you discover all the beauty of this country, thanks to a customized itinerary built on your interests and passions.

In the blog you will find a lot of free articles and information to organize it by yourself, however, if you are looking for expert support and want to organize an unforgettable and unique trip to Japan, you can ask me for advice and the creation of your customized roadbook.

What to expect from my Travel Design Service

It is basically an advisory/consulting  service for your trip to Japan.

Very often, when planning a trip you are overwhelmed by the amount of information available and it is difficult to figure out where to start, how to organize in a way that makes the most of your time, and you are confused by the various possible transportation options. Or you just don’t have time/want to organize and think about everything, but you don’t want to rely on a standardized tour or itinerary because you want to have more time for certain activities and are not interested in others.

That’s where I come in with my travel design service for Japan, which after a cognitive call to understand your interests, budget, needs, I create a customized itinerary for you based on your requests.

I specify that this is a travel design service, I am not a travel agency therefore I cannot make reservations on your behalf.

How Much?

Creating a customized itinerary takes a lot of work and time, but at the same time I would also like to make this option affordable for everyone.

I have therefore decided that I will indicate the exact cost once the initial questionnaire with general information on the duration, type of trip and itinerary required has been completed. However, I guarantee that the Japan itinerary creation service will cost between 16.000 JPY and 30.000 JPY and includes the introductory call + itinerary creation + customised road book

I would like to emphasize that this is an additional service that takes quite a bit of time, which is why I am asking for a financial contribution. However, I will continue to post general free content on the blog and on my social channels, and I remain available for requests for advice as I have always done so far.

So this service is something to add to what I already do, not to replace it.

How does it works?

Few steps to receive your customized Japan itinerary.


Accordion Panel

First, send a request by filling the below form, then wait for my email with the link to a questionnaire to understand some basic information such as travel dates, personal interests, needs and so on.

Before I begin to sketch out the general itinerary based on the days available and proceed with the call, I am requesting payment for the service through PayPal.

I am sure you will understand the need to receive payment before I get down to business to avoid unpleasant situations where I make time available for someone who then disappears without even thanking me (alas, this happens to me often even with free information).

The next step, is a video call during which we will already broadly see the itinerary I will have sketched out based on your email and together we will also discuss it according to your pace and interests.

I will then go on to draft the detailed itinerary, and proceed to create the customized Road Book, with details of the itinerary, tips and links for booking overnight stays, train and bus schedules, links and instructions for booking tickets and experiences, and anything else that may come in handy for you to finalize your trip later.

Once the Road Book is completed I will send it to you and you can then proceed to book accommodations and suggested activities. Of course these are only suggestions and directions, you are then still free to choose other options or ignore suggested activities!

The Road Book will be in pdf format, a kind of e-book, so it will be easily available not only when booking the trip, but also for easy reference during the trip.

Enjoy your trip to Japan and update me on your impressions! I would then love to receive your feedback on the itinerary I have prepared for you and my custom itinerary creation service in Japan!

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