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Visit Kamakura, a great day trip from Tokyo

Among the most suggested daytrip from Tokyo (Hakone, Nikko and Kamakura), Kamakura is the option [...]

Mount Fuji – view and sightseeign

View of Mount Fuji is one of the most expressed wishes of tourists visiting Japan. [...]

Discovering Japanese Wine, Wine Tour in Yamanashi

Everyone know Japan for its production of Sake, alcoolic beverage made from rice, but we [...]

Visit Narita, more than airport!

If you heard Narita you’ll immediately think at the great international airport of Tokyo, right? [...]

Sarushima, the uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay

Sarushima literally means “Monkey Island“, but actually in this uninhabited island one hour and a [...]

Sakura City, a samurai village just outside Tokyo

Think for a while at the lights of Shinjuku, then, close your eyes for about [...]

Red Spiderlily at Kinchakuda Manjushiage Park

The most famous blooming in Japan is obviously the cherry blossom, follow by the momiji, [...]