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Visit Kanazawa, where ancient Japan meets the modern art

If you ask me what my favourite place in Japan is, I would hardly be [...]

Discovering the Iya Valley

The perception of time changes in the Valley of Iya. Everything flows according to the [...]

Visit Aizu Wakamatsu, the Samurai City

Loyalty, obedience, sacrifice, honor… these are the values ​​that we associate to the Samurai spirit [...]

Relive the Battle of Kawanakajima

Right in the heart of mountains  called  “Alps of Japan“, in the north of the [...]

The Soul of Samurai: Japanese Katana – visit to Arao City

In this article I want to bring you into the fascinating ancient Samurai world through [...]

Kumamoto what to visit

Kumamoto was not a very famous city before April 2016, when it became sadly famous [...]

Sakura City, a samurai village just outside Tokyo

Think for a while at the lights of Shinjuku, then, close your eyes for about [...]