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Climbing Mount Fuji: my experience and useful information

Mount Fuji with its 3,776 meters high, is the symbol of Japan, not only for [...]

Best spot for cherry blossom in Tokyo

The cherry blossoms season, in Japan is something wait for the whole year. Starting from [...]

5 reason why you should visit Mie during your trip to Japan

Sea and mountains, the land of ninjas and “mermaids,” where Japan’s most sacred place stands: [...]

Discovering the Iya Valley

The perception of time changes in the Valley of Iya. Everything flows according to the [...]

Yudanaka and Jigokudani – visit the snow Monkey Park

Seeing the monkeys close, in total freedom, perhaps while they are enjoying the warm thermal [...]

Along Kiso Valley – Walking on the Nakasendo between Magome and Tsumago

In the heart of the Japanese Alps, along the Kiso valley, ancient Japan continues to [...]

Zao, escape in Japanese nature

We enjoyed the amazing Tohoku nature few years ago, during our 4-day tour in Tohoku, [...]